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Cookie Flurries Explained!

Since my last post, I've gotten even more cookies, from winter_elf, the_moonmoth, caras_galadhon, wpadmirer and reedfem! And to wash all the cookies down with, some kind stranger sent me hot cocoa.

Apparently the cookiebombs were a result of an LJ glitch. They were marked as free on the virtual gift page, so naturally people had fun with the largess before LJ realized they had a problem and fixed it. Too much to hope that free virtual snowflake cookies might have been part of LJ's Christmas spirit, obviously.

I was beginning to wonder if I'd somehow missed membership in a secret LJ cookie gifting community, so I was pleased to find out I hadn't, because I would have enjoyed being a member of that. :)

Free or not, I'm still really touched that so many people who were giving cookies thought of me. Thank you so much, everyone. :D
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