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...And on a lighter note....

My last post was, unpleasant, so I thought I should mention some recently awesome stuff to counteract it. Here goes:

---Early Monday morning, I was cuddling my little one because he was coughing too hard to sleep, when suddenly he hugs me, smiles beatifically and says, 'you're the best mommy'. I didn't cry, I swear. Of course, my son was crying himself about an hour later because I insisted on sending him to school, but I hope to be best mommy again at some point. I got there once, man....

---My father won the Order of Ontario last week! It is one of the highest honours my homeland can bestow (it's actually harder to get than the Order of Canada, apparently). Seeing my father on the dais as he received it was one of the best moments of my life.

---I got a new computer! It is sleek and beautiful and lightning fast, and I love it, except that I managed to erase over 2G of music files instead of copying them from my old computer to this one. Oops. Anyone wanna send me music?

---I've been (almost?) nominated for an award on brigits_flame!

---I have a wonderful family. I adore my husband, love my son beyond measure, and my sister, my brother-in-law and my niece and nephew are fantastic.

---I might have convinced my husband to get Lebanese take out for dinner tonight. Mmm.
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