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On the Plus Side, I Don't Want to Erase Everything I Wrote Today....

But on the minus side, I got an e-mail from my agent with my first rejection. :( It seems like a mismatch between my book and this particular editor, which at least leaves hope that a different editor will think it's exactly her cup of tea.

The first editor apparently kept waiting for the book to turn into an action-adventure. I'm Canadian. I'm not entirely sure that 'action-adventure' is in our cultural vocabulary.

Unless the Canadians in question write screenplays. What? I'm entitled to my crazy-ass opinions. Leave me alone.

It is perhaps relevant that my agent has Canadians working for him.

Anyway, I'm pleased with myself that I managed to work through my sheer, unremitting terror at writing another novel and wrote one whole scene! Go, me. Unfortunately I kind of hate it, but I do have an idea to make it better. I hope. Look for it by Friday on brigits_flame.

In other--but also sucky--news entirely it turns out that Felix Gaeta is not only gay but a villain! Yes! Just like the lesbian Commander of the Pegasus, apparently you can't be homosexual and, y'know, a good guy.

And I realize there's the argument that hey, this could be seen as a good thing. Like, gay men and lesbians can be bad guys too, just like heterosexual folk! Except, no. When you're dealing with minorities, having both of them go to the dark side is more like saying that the minority itself is evil.

It could also be argued that Felix isn't really the bad guy here, just misguided. My answer to that is, 'maybe', except that he's the only one of the good-guy, heroic regular (human) cast who went for the mutiny. Not heterosexual Lee or Starbuck, not even Baltar, for Pete's sake, him. And I suppose that you could argue that it's closer to Felix's character, but then they shouldn't have made him gay before they decided to do that. 'Cause right now it's really looking like gay = bad, as far as the MGM, Sci-Fi people are concerned. Which at the very least is: oops.

(And while I'm at it, where is Felix' boyfriend? Is he dead? And has anyone else noticed that the only non-white characters on the show are either Cylons, MIA or dead? What's up with that?)

I'd love it if the upcoming Stargate: Universe show reversed this trend, but I doubt it's going to happen, alas. At least there's Torchwood.
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