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This Means I Can't Not Do It, Right?

I'm (finally) posting my New Year's Resolutions here:

Things I'm Gonna Do in 2009:

1) Write a novel (eep!) - started that.

2) Respond to e-mails promptly - not doing too badly, but I can still improve.

3) Go to bed before midnight - um.

4) Eat healthily and walk at least four days a week - so far, so good. Of course, it's just been a week, but still.

5) Continue 2008's resolution of reading at least one original, not-online book a month - Did it in January, still need to finish a book for this month.

6) Read and do the work in Conquer Your Critical Inner Voice - I started it yesterday. It's weird how scary it is to think about not saying nasty things to myself in my head, like the world will collapse if I admit that I'm capable. Good thing I have the book, eh? Har.

Wish me luck, guys! I'll try to remember to do a follow-up post in December, to let y'all know how I managed. I'm kind of excited and kind of terrified. Which is pretty much par for the course for me, come to think of it.
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