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Today was a Good Day. And I Need a Name, Please.

I had a dentist checkup this morning, which never fails to be unpleasant (I dare anyone to find that scraping feeling or ::shudder:: that noise fun). However, I was told that my teeth and gums are excellent. I attribute it entirely to my Crest Pro-Health toothpaste and my off-the-shelf electric brush, as well as my adherence to copious numbers of vitamins and herbal supplements, because I still only brush once a day. I absolutely loathe brushing my teeth. I have always loathed brushing my teeth, actually. I even loathe having to brush my son's teeth. So having it confirmed that I can keep only brushing in the morning and get away with it made my freaking day. For serious.

Also, inspired by claudia603's suggestion that if I'm having difficulty continuing the Pape and Danforth novel I'm working on, that I should switch to something else (thank you, claudia603!), I have been amusing myself all morning with an idea for what I've been calling Gills. (The link goes to the first entry.)

Oh, my God but it's cracky. I mean, I think I might be blushing while I'm typing this, just thinking of the crackiness of this story idea. And I think I could actually make it work, which is perhaps the crackiest thing of all.

So, that made me happy too. And I was also very happy because I have gone walking in the afternoon for two whole days this week and will continue for Thursday and Friday, which means I'm still keeping my New Year's resolutions. So far, so good. I am also ridiculously pleased that I was able to find a Calcium and vitamin D supplement for Jav that he actually likes, because--as is my wont--I was fretting last night that my son wasn't getting enough of either and would end up a crumbled husk of illness-ridden, brain-damaged osteoporosis by the time he was twelve. And my husband is awesome because he puts up with my fretting and cajoled Javier into drinking fortified juice this morning.

Yes, yes, a good day. BUT, I need a name for the newest addition to the Gills thing that I may yet actually write (It's still a toss-up whether I'll heave it out for brigits_flame by Friday, write more of P&A instead, or just let the competition go because it makes me a whiny baby feel bad when I don't get the most votes. We'll see.

But anyway, a name! So, my dear FList (who also put up with my fretting, for which I am grateful), I need a name for a guy (of course it's a guy). He's around thirty (I think), cute (of course), damaged (of course), not, actually, the guy with the gills, and I'd really rather not call him John. I'd actually like to call him Luke. Considering my real name is Leah however, it might end up seeming either like some awful thinly-disguised authorial self-insert or as something even less healthy and more bizarre.

Given that almost complete lack of information, any suggestions? ::bounces::
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