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Luckily, I Have An Appropriate Icon

Very good thing: two people whom I haven't spoken to in regrettably ages but whom I like very, very much were kind enough to friend this journal. Thank you. :)

Funny thing: hammered her feet like hammers seems to be becoming an in-joke for the ages. I've decided to be pleased about this.

Bad thing: Another one of my FList left some thoughtful commentary/critique stuff on my most recent brigits_flame entry, which I found last night, skimmed, and then lost all courage to actually read. I haven't read it yet.

And unfortunately for me--probably because I got another rejection for my novel the same afternoon I was writing the damn entry--where I was merely scared to write anything, now I'm kind of paralyzed with terror and misery.

I have no idea what to work on today. Pape and Danforth? Gills? At the moment I'm feeling like they both suck equally.

I know, I need to get over myself. People love what I write, etc. etc. But today it is especially difficult. Maybe I just need more coffee.

Okay, I'm going to read the critique now.
Tags: adventures in editing, fear and loathing, my novel which is going to kill me, whining, writing
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