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Look what I made!

Harvest Bread from that really neat SGA fandom cookbook that I was telling you about.

And oh, man, did it turn out perfectly. I didn't use whole wheat flour (the darling husband doesn't like it) or crushed walnuts (the darling husband was disappointed, but I was concerned that Javier might choke on them), and possibly twice as much sugar (I kind of forgot to measure it before I softened it in the microwave. And by 'kind of', I mean, yes, yes I did). And fish_echo did not actually say what size of pan to bake the bread in, so I had to estimate by her photograph of the finished product that something wider and flatter was the right idea.

BUT, it was still fantastic! Truly. It wasn't easy to assemble the multitude of ingredients (and I had to actually grate the carrots myself because Kroger didn't have any conveniently pre-grated in plastic bags the way I was counting on, the bastards), but I swear, I have never made any kind of dessert bread that was this good. And considering my banana bread is a favourite around here, that's saying a lot.

Here, have a picture:

Harvest Bread

fish_echo, you are a deity among genderlessly-anonymous LJ users for coming up with this stuff. Thank you so much for this. I'm so excited to try the other recipes!
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