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Perhaps I should apologize to my non-fandom friends, but I couldn't resist this.

Another meme! Don't you loves memes? I do! This one was gakked (and isn't that a great word?) from dungeonwriter.

The meme is to quote the first lines (which I took to mean first sentences) of the 25 most recent pieces of fanfiction you've written, and look for a pattern.

Not sure I can seem a huge pattern, really (okay, I like full names and titles. And yes, I started two stories with "'so'" on purpose), but I was interested to see that in order to even get 25 pieces of fanfiction, 'most recent' ended up going all the way back to November of 2004. I've also included stories I've written with other authors, but only when the first line was actually mine.

It does feel weird reading all these first lines without context, though. All I keep thinking is, 'that was the best line I could come up with?' Hopefully they really do work better with the full stories.

Still with me? Great! (Oh, and if you're curious about any of these, please just ask.)

Here goes:

There was mnemonic fluid in the SX-8's mouth.

They pounded through the forest and into the clearing.

There was a polite, gentle rapping on the frame of the open door.

It's almost time.

"Seriously," John said, eying the pendant as if it was about to leap off the delicate chain and bite him.

It was all Carson's fault.

They sent him to Area 51 again.

>Robot 0008 (13:30:00 08/11/2000): MESSAGE all systems within normal parameters

The robot showed up at Rodney McKay's apartment building at exactly eight a.m. on a Saturday.

"No, really," McKay said.

"General O’Neill!"

"Hey, Rodney," John says, when the door automatically slides open.

When the brats of the Kid planet opened a wormhole to Atlantis to tell them that Colonel Sheppard had suddenly appeared the middle of one of their villages: naked, unconscious and (when awake) apparently amnesiac, McKay's first thought was, I can’t believe it.

"Colonel," McKay said, dropping into the chair across from him.

"So, this looks good, huh?"

"So," Rodney said to Martouf.

Martouf noticed Dave sauntering into the mess hall first, and he looked up with a bright smile.

John glared up at Rodney from where he was lying on the floor--with his wrists tied together and then tied around one of the legs of the bed.

It’s not an apple.


John stood leaning against the wall of the Ancient lab, with his arms crossed over the butt of his P90, watching as Zelenka and Corrigan circled the machine that had turned Daniel into a tarsier just a few hours before.

The first time John Sheppard allowed himself to show anyone what he truly was, he was in the Pegasus galaxy, and he had just shot his commanding officer, to keep him from getting his life sucked out by a Wraith.

In the end, this never happened.

Walking--well, moving at all really--hurt, which sucked, and his neck was pretty much one big bruise, but considering he'd been dead less than 72 hours ago, Major John Sheppard thought he was doing darn well, thank you very much.

Major John Sheppard leaned back against the refreshments table, smiling and watching the action on the makeshift dance floor.


:) Thank y'all for letting me indulge my crazy indulgence.
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