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Dramatic Readings, and Everything Really Is Better with Bacon, Unless You're Three.

fish_echo: I tried the Redshirt Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dogs. :) They were fun to make and delicious, even with lower-fat turkey bacon. Javier wasn't terribly thrilled with the bacon, however. ::sighs:: That's pretty much par for the course these days, though he still likes curry, oddly enough. I know this because I improvised a fantastic chickpea, parsnip and carrot curry tonight for dinner, and Javier actually ate most of his portion. \o/ If anyone would like the recipe, I would be more than happy to supply it.

The Dramatic Reading portion of this post is how the fanfiction story Aegis that I wrote with springwoof is now a Podfic! (A very long podfic.) As read by the awesome (and courageous) rhea314. This is quite an honour in the Stargate: Atlantis fandom. You know you've made it when someone wants to spend eight hours of their life reading something you wrote to their computer, eh? So when I found out that it was available I zapped on over and downloaded it immediately. I spent nearly an hour today listening to rhea314's voice (including while I was making the curry) and feeling kind of awed to hear my words out of someone else's mouth.

It's really interesting how different Rhea's reading is to what the narrative, and especially the dialogue, sound like in my head. Her take on how the characters would say what I wrote has been so far almost entirely different from mine, which I truly hadn't even thought about. I wasn't at all upset, just startled. It's fascinating that the meaning of a piece of writing can stay the same even if the audience perceives the details of it completely differently from the author. I wonder how surprised Rhea might be to hear me reading the story myself. Or springwoof, for that matter, since I'm sure how the story sounds in her head is also much different to mine.

I have no conclusions about that. I just wanted to share it. :)
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