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Pie! Part Two

As those who may recall, a few weeks ago I made Apple Pie for Dinner. It was good, but too quichy for my taste, so I determined to try it again with fewer eggs and more cheese. :)

Well, I did, and it was great! I doubled the cheese (or thereabouts, I didn't actually measure, but it was a lot, I know that), used one half cup milk and one egg instead of the cream and three egg yolks, so it ended up much more pie-like, and the apple and cheese taste came through very strongly. My husband loved it. :D

My son, of course, hated it. He agreed with my assessment that he likes apples and cheese cold, not hot and attached together. No, I don't understand this. Then again, I'm not three and a half.

Here's a picture!

Cheesy Apple Pie

As you can see, I probably put too much cheese on the top of the pie. Luckily, Dom loves toasted cheese crusts. In fact, he wants me to make it the same way the next time. But I'm thinking I'll either put more cheese on the bottom, or mix it into the apples and onions before I put them in the crust.

Thanks for your suggestion, fish_echo. This has been a lot of fun.
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