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Maybe I can stop pretending I'm not home when Amazon.Com calls.

By now I'm sure that most of you who e-mailed Amazon.Com/Ca/UK have gotten this message by now:


Thank you for contacting

This is an embarrassing and ham-fisted cataloging error for a company that prides itself on offering complete selection.

It has been misreported that the issue was limited to Gay & Lesbian themed titles - in fact, it impacted 57,310 books in a number of broad categories such as Health, Mind & Body, Reproductive & Sexual Medicine, and Erotica. This problem impacted books not just in the United States but globally. It affected not just sales rank but also had the effect of removing the books from Amazon's main product search.

Many books have now been fixed and we're in the process of fixing the remainder as quickly as possible, and we intend to implement new measures to make this kind of accident less likely to occur in the future.

Thanks for contacting us. We hope to see you again soon.


Customer Service Department

Note: this e-mail was sent from a notification-only address that cannot accept incoming e-mail. Please do not reply to this message.

I'm still not thrilled with the idea that they have to police 'adult' material at all (not to mention that this fiasco has certainly shown that the way they do it--by relying on their customers to tell them they don't like a particular item--is very, very stupid), but I truthfully wasn't expecting so much as an acknowledgment that they fucked up, let alone something that sort of resembles an apology.

And since it was stupidity-stupidity (apparently, at least), and not malicious-stupidity, I guess I can forgive them.

I wonder how many letters are still going to arrive..... Heh.

Jeff Bezos: sucks to be you, eh? I feel a little sorry for him.
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