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This is Hilarious (and Cute, of Course).

I love the advertisements I get from my GMail server. Because I mentioned somewhere that I'm interested in babies (well I was, for the obvious reason that I had one), I'm occasionally bombarded with adverts for special baby products.

Check this one out.

I swear I laughed out loud when I realized that they're pretty much selling big mixing bowls as special baby baths. You have to admit, it's brilliant--I probably could have used one when Jav was just a couple of weeks old and I was trying to figure out how to wash his back without accidentally drowning him (though I think with this tub the obstacle would be how to wash the kid's back without tipping the bowl over). There's also the question of having enough water to rinse, though maybe you're not meant to use soap.

Oh, while I'm on baby baths, since there's at least one person on my FList who's expecting a child and will probably want to wash them at some point, Burt's Bees Baby Bee Buttermilk Soap was fantastic. I used it for the first six months, until my son's skin wasn't too sensitive for Johnson's products. I also recommend Johnson's 'Moisturizing Bedtime Bath'.

You can get big mixing bowls at dollar stores, if you want to go that route, though getting a bath seat might be a better bet. I ended up just climbing into the tub with Jav until he was big enough to stand on his own. ;->
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