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...At least I didn't get gangrene by breaking my leg falling off a mountain.

niamh_sage made me aware of this video by Rammstein for their song 'Ohne Dich' ('Without You'). The first time I watched it my son wandered in (of course) just before the lead vocalist Till Lindemann fell off the mountain his band was climbing. (The song actually talks about going 'into the woods', but the video is excellent, trust me.) After explaining at great length and speed that it was just a story! No one really got hurt! And look--his friends are going back for him!, Javier decided that it was the coolest movie ever and we've since watched it at least thirty times. He calls it 'the backpack song', because of the knapsacks the band nobly schlep on their way up the mountain. He's also tried to sing along, which is both endearing and hilarious because about all he can manage is to repeat the 'Ohne Dich' a beat behind the lyrics.

I wish I could remember how he describes the action to me well enough to transcribe it, because it's adorable and really, really funny. I explained what was happening the first time around, so he repeats most of that back to me in his lovely, three-year-old way that involves repeated phrases and circular logic ('he hurt his leg, and his friends go back for him because he hurt his leg!'), and the absolute assurance that Lindemann's sleeping on the top of the mountain, rather than dead.

So, long, rambling stuff short, ish, I can't get the song or the video out of my head. So I was thinking of it earlier this evening when I was looking at the damage I managed to do to myself this afternoon when I smacked my son's butt and hit my middle finger surprisingly hard against a concrete drinking fountain (it's not like I was whaling on my kid or anything). I think I burst a blood vessel, since the side under the third joint is noticeably swollen and light purple. I can still bend it and type and all that, but it looks gross.

And, um, that's it, really. I had a really good weekend, though! Grievous injury to my digit notwithstanding. I just wanted to listen to the sound of my fingers typing share.
Tags: grevous bodily harm, my wonderful boy, stuff i like
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