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April 13th, 2009

By now I'm sure that most of you who e-mailed Amazon.Com/Ca/UK have gotten this message by now:

Oops.Collapse )

I'm still not thrilled with the idea that they have to police 'adult' material at all (not to mention that this fiasco has certainly shown that the way they do it--by relying on their customers to tell them they don't like a particular item--is very, very stupid), but I truthfully wasn't expecting so much as an acknowledgment that they fucked up, let alone something that sort of resembles an apology.

And since it was stupidity-stupidity (apparently, at least), and not malicious-stupidity, I guess I can forgive them.

I wonder how many letters are still going to arrive..... Heh.

Jeff Bezos: sucks to be you, eh? I feel a little sorry for him.