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March 14th, 2011

I've put up three different items to bid on at help_japan:

(I'm posting this on my iPhone, so forgive me if the links are mislabeled. They're all there.)

Yummy Texas Goodies!

An awesome SG-1 Fanzine!

Stargate: Atlantis fanfiction!

Please come and bid! And spread the word! There are over 1000 authors offering stories, and that's just for starters! The number of wonderful things are mind-boggling. Come and be boggled for a great cause. :D
Nothing like realizing three hours after your rather conservative, definitely homoskittish and practicing Catholic parents-in-law have already settled into the guest room where you keep your various action figures that you forgot to put away this greeting cardCollapse )made by the awesome pixiequeen10thk.


If I'm really lucky, neither of them noticed the very large picture of John and Rodney kissing while Rodney is handcuffed to a wall. Or they didn't think that the action figures were actually kissing. Or that there were handcuffs. Or something. Yeah.

(Psst! Bid for my stuff at help_japan!)