January 7th, 2014

Tasty as a Cupcake

Please help me not go batshit insane.

My darling, wonderful child (whom I adore), is eight years old (as I've mentioned), and thinks that Minecraft is better than anything not made of chocolate and peanut butter. He's actually gotten really good at building himself houses and armor and such, but what he really, really wants in the whole wide world is some friends to come visit his world (and build a pirate ship with him).

Unfortunately, aside from one kid-friendly server that is currently not being terribly parent-friendly, the dizzying array of multi-player Minecraft servers out there seem to be all adult-oriented, which is fine as long as the adults in question aren't typing too fast in chat and/or mainly interested in murdering their fellow avatars.

So, in an optimistic attempt to not end up having to listen to my darling, wonderful child lament about how he doesn't have any Minecraft friends until the end of time (and/or high school), I turn to you, o, best-beloveds.

Do any of you either a) play Minecraft on a machine that can connect to the interweebs and wouldn't mind helping a kid build a pirate ship? Or, b) do any of you have/know children who would be interested in helping another child build a pirate ship?

Apparently I can make a multi-player server, but I need to have specific people to invite. Otherwise, I'd be happy to send Jav's avatar off to find a buddy if I knew which server they used and what their username was. Minecraft makes me seasick as hell, or I'd try it myself.

If you can and want to come play, or know someone who would, please PM me or feel free to leave a comment and I'd be very happy to PM you instead. :)

I thank you in advance, and so does my sanity.