January 29th, 2014

Tasty as a Cupcake

I got nuthin'.

I was all set to write a post about how bizarre it is that nearly all the fictional former (or current) military-type Americans served in Afghanistan rather than Iraq during the war post 9/11. And then I did research on both wars and it seems that having them in Afghanistan is not as annoyingly unreasonable as it seemed (especially in the case of my personal favorite American military-type, John Sheppard).

I'm still not sure why John Diggle of Arrow or Steven McGarrett of Hawaii Five-O couldn't have both been awesome in Iraq instead, but it's plausible so what the hell.

Unfortunately, that left me with nothing terribly interesting to post about, so instead I'm going to link to ushobwri, where the always-awesome and very thoughtful brumeier declared that it's Hottie Wednesday. "Hottie Wednesday" means that there are lots of pictures of beautiful people in the comments because, Wednesday. And at least I don't have to be creative or inspired to look at beautiful people. Not to mention that posting links to photobucket is way easier than actually thinking of anything.

Enjoy! And happy hump day. And stay warm, for those of you in the cold places. :)