July 11th, 2014

Aliens Made Me

And some days I just have to suck it up and remember I'm an adult.

Yep. Sometimes things happen where I just want to go and do this for a few hours:

And I would totally look that adorable, really.

Or maybe get really ambitious and go eat worms, or go riding off into a monsoon or blizzard and make everyone go fetal with guilt when they finally find me tragically frozen (but I'd look really pretty).

Or, you know, just flounce off and take my ball and go home.

But I'm a grown up. Or at least I play one on the internet. So tempting though it is on occasion, I'm not going to do that. Besides, I left my horse in my other reality and we're too far inland for monsoons. And too far south for blizzards. Probably lucky, really.

(And I've disabled comments because this post is not for me to milk sympathy from my FList. Though I thank those of you who would want to in advance <3. This is just me reminding myself out loud that I can deal, so I need to. And actually just writing this has made me feel better anyway.)