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Hey! (Hey!) You (You!) I'm Really Not Your Girlfriend

Does it count as stalking if the idiot in question thinks he's calling someone else?

Last Thursday night, while I was trying to get to sleep early because I had a fever, some moron with the same area code called my cell phone twice. The second time he left a slurring message asking, where are you, Baby? Then he sent a text message saying, 'why dont u pick up?'

I was a little fed up at this point, so I called him back and when he answered I told him he had the wrong number. Our conversation went something very much like this, though I don't remember exactly:

Me: Hi. I'm not your girlfriend. You've called the wrong number three times.

Drunken Idiot: No I didn't.

Me: Yes you did! I'm not your girlfriend! I have no idea who you are! I'm sorry.

Drunken Idiot: ::click::

Yes, he hung up on me. Whether out of embarrassment or misdirected rage I cannot say, but I was comfortably certain I'd never hear from him again.

Not so.

About five minutes ago I just got another text message: 'wat up?' from the same local number.

I called him back, but got voice mail. Interestingly enough, the guy sounds just as drunk in his answering message as he did when I was speaking to him, so maybe I misjudged him and he's genuinely stupid and/or astonishingly unobservant even when sober. The message I left lacked a certain amount of grace or charm I have to admit, but I did tell him in no uncertain terms that I'm not his girlfriend, my number is X and I didn't know what he thought he was dialing but I really am not his girlfriend--I have a husband and a son and everything. And there was no point in sending messages to this number because I wouldn't respond. Because I'm not his girlfriend.

I hope he gets the point. If he does it again, I'm seriously considering either calling him back or texting him that I want to break up. That seems unfair to his actual girlfriend, though, who might actually love him dearly and find his occasional inability to dial endearing.

Or maybe she's pissed off at him because he never calls her anymore. Which would be because he's calling me.
Tags: oops, rants, this is my real life
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