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...Or maybe I should take up swimming.

I couldn't go walking last week because either the weather sucked or I had a fever. I didn't go walking the week before that because I was feeling too low to haul my ass out of the house. I couldn't go walking yesterday because of the fucking end-of-the-world deluge heavy rain. It rained again last night, booming thunder and everything. Luckily not for long.

The rain stopped, finally, late this morning. Glee! I thought. I can finally get some exercise!

It started raining again five minutes ago. And not just rain. This is man the chandeliers rain. This is get two of every animal, no matter how small rain. This is rain where I'm a little worried my husband will get swept into the fucking ocean before he makes it to his car. This is rain where--all joking aside--I'm looking at the TV to see if the flash flood warnings for my area of Texas have been updated. Not yet, which is something.

But I can't go walking in this. Hell, I wouldn't want to cross the street in this. Damn it.

Okay, it's calmed down some since I've been typing, so maybe all is not lost and it'll stop in the next half hour. Otherwise, sheesh. I'm trying to take care of myself, here! Give me a break, weather, okay?

...And just as I typed that, it stared deluging again. o_O I get the point already.

ETA: I got to walk! The rain went away completely, and I got to go out for half an hour. I would have walked for longer, but the sky got dark and I didn't want to drown on the way home. But still, I feel all accomplished and sweaty. Cool. :)
Tags: this is my real life, whoa, working on it
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