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Stupidity in the Name of Research, For the Win!

I may have slid a disposable safety razor across my forearm to see if it was possible to cut yourself deliberately doing that.

Guess what? You can! Not very deeply, but it sure stings. Took a few seconds for the blood to well up, too. But there was blood, and that's what I needed to find out.

I am not planning on becoming a cutter, by the way (wpadmirer couldn't stand two of them. Heh), just in case any of you were wondering if I'd lost my mind. Nope, this was just pure research. Though perhaps a tad ill-planned. Just a tad.

I kind of didn't think it would work. Or I wouldn't have done it. Most likely.

But hey--authenticity in fiction is what makes it great, eh? Right? Right?

::coughs:: I'll just be over there. Getting a Band-aid.
Tags: grevous bodily harm, oops, writing, yet more proof i'm out of my mind
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