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'Reasons for Those Icons' Meme (gakked from wpadmirer)

So, here's how it goes:

wpadmirer Picked out the following six icons so I would tell everyone why I have them. If you want to play, just tell me in the comments and I'll pick out six of your icons so you can post about why you have them, too. :) Spread the icon love! (And if you want to know about any other of my icons, I'd be happy to tell you.)


This one was made by moira_faeii, using one of Threadless designs's wonderful tee-shirt images. It made me laugh out loud when I saw it, so I gakked it immediately. I don't really have a specific place where I use it, except where I want something funny, of course.


I got this from a_gal_icons. I love it because not only does it represent for Canada (yay, Canada!), but it also manages to remind people of the awful rejection of same-sex marriage in so many US states while being hilariously absurd.


This gorgeous icon is by nightingaledies, based on a larger work. It's meant to be Sheppard, but I love it more because of the bleakness of the image and because I enjoy thinking about what the story in the picture might be. I use it when I'm posting or commenting about unhappy things.


This was made by dakinigrl, for the wrisomifu community. I had a really funny conversation once with a good friend of mine, where he said I should 'blow something up every five pages' to make sure my novel was successful, regardless of what the novel was actually about. So when I saw this icon I knew I had to have it.


icon_spam made this one. Given how often my novels have been rejected by publishers, it seemed like a good thing to keep in mind.


Another Threadless designs image made into an icon by moira_faeii. This icon also made me laugh when I first saw it. I use it both as a 'cute kittens' icon (because sometimes you just need an icon with cute kittens on it) and where I think it's appropriate to suggest a portent of disaster.
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