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Odd, would be how I am feeling. Odd.

So, I signed my life away up for sga_santa this year, and while things are going well, the story isn't finished yet. Which is a little worrisome because I only have until December 10, but I'm fairly confident that I'll figure out what I'm doing by then.

But the odd thing is that this is actually a story I'd like to read, (which is nice, for obvious reasons), but I keep having this (yes) odd feeling that it is, actually, already finished and the next time I open WORD I'll actually be able to read a nice little story. And then of course I remember that, no, this fic will not actually exist until I finish the damn thing.

It's a very strange feeling, let me tell you. Not entirely unpleasant since it's kind of fun writing something because I want to get to what happens next, but it's also a little frustrating because every time I check the document--nope, not done yet.

I wish I could say anything about the fic at all, but I really don't want to risk giving any of it away since the point of sga_santa is to remain anonymous for a good while after the stories are posted.

Of course, with the deadline so relatively close I've started wondering what kind of story's been written for me. I asked for a few (okay, several) pretty specific things, and I'd be over the moon if more than one of my requests appeared in the story, but mostly I'd be happy if it has any of the things I asked for at all.

All-in-all, even though I'm not actually finished yet (but quite optimistic that I shall be at some point before the deadline), I've really enjoyed the challenge of writing for someone in secret, and maybe not knowing a thing about them except what they asked for, but trying to give them something as close to what they wanted as possible anyway. I think my recipient will be pretty happy, but we'll see.

::shrugs:: That's all. Just thinking about fic stuff. Maybe I'll work on this some more tonight, or maybe I'll wait until tomorrow. I still have some time. ;->
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