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Icons? Bewler?

So, I've got Photoshop Elements Seven, which is pretty much a lobotomized version of the original with a prettier interface. I'm still occasionally gnashing my teeth on the lack of such nifty things as blending styles options and curve layers, but I've produced some things I like and it's a fun thing to do that lets me be kind of artistic without actually having to be able to, you know, do art.

Anyway, it occurred to me today that even though I've got this nifty problem child of a graphics program I haven't actually been making any icons with it. I think the problem is that while there are large, wallpaper-type pictures I'd like to make, I haven't had any inspiration for anything icon-sized.

Therefore, my creative and generous FList, I turn to you.

I will make icons for anyone commenting with a picture/screencap/etc. or a link to same that they would like to have as an icon. If there's anything specific you'd like along with the picture (darker, lighter, just the top of Callum Keith Rennie's fluffy head, particular words, that kind of thing), please add that as well.

And then I will make you an icon! I can't promise that you'll like it, or tell you when you might get it, exactly, but I will make something for you. :D Hopefully something that you'll like, even!

Right. I'll just be over here, then, whistling.
Tags: pathetic attempts at creativity
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