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I Made Whiskey Cupcakes!

Thank you to everyone who gave me such lovely congratulations in my last post. I really appreciate all the good wishes. :D

But I want to tell you about my latest baking endeavour. Did you know you could make cupcakes with alcohol? I probably should have, but hey, I didn't! Until I read this story bu almostnever, coincidentally titled 'Whiskey Cupcakes', and I decided to find out if I could make them.

(almostnever: I don't think I actually left a comment for your story, probably because I was too intrigued by the cupcakes. But I did really enjoy reading it! Thank you.)

I found this recipe almost immediately, to a certain amount of surprise, but what surprised me more was how easy they were to make. I'd been imagining something along the lines of wells in flour and meringued egg whites, but aside from the annoying number of bowls it was really easy.

Delicious, too, except I'm such a lightweight I think I got a bit of a buzz from licking the spatula (yes, a baby fairy could drink me under the table). I was surprised that I couldn't taste the coffee at all, though the whiskey left an odd but not unpleasant alcohol-esque burn without any real alcohol flavour.

Does baking whiskey get rid of the alcohol, though? Because I'm a little worried about giving one to my son, in case it damages his brain cells or something. They really are good, though.

I'd love to know how people can just make up recipes like this. I mean, how did she know that a cup of coffee and a cup of whiskey would end up making terrific cupcakes? ribbon_purple can do stuff like that, and it really amazes me. What a great talent.
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