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Hey, wanna check out an excerpt of an soon-to-be-published story of mine?

...With the caveat that the full story is M/M porn erotica, just to give fair warning. :)

Don't let the author name throw you, by the way--Aundrea Singer is also Sweet.

The story is part of the Necking anthology due out May 10 from Dreamspinner Press, which specialize in M/M romance of all genres. It's a fantastic company that has published a lot of really great authors, and currently they're giving away an iPod Touch! Make that an honest-to-goodness IPAD! Wow. I want one of those!

Please go check 'em out. And once you've done that, follow this link to the excerpt of my story:

“We need to talk,” Veronica said again. She put her little hands on her little hips and glared up at him like a vicious elf.

Enjoy! And if you want more but eBooks aren't your thing, I'll be giving away a paperback copy of the anthology in a few weeks.
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