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I fear that may not be the kind of inspiration they were going for.

Look! The U.S. Democratic party has a new symbol!


I gather this is meant to show stuff like a dynamic directness of spirit; noble, forthright and forward-thinking, lack of obfuscation etc. etc. etc. And it's entirely possible that this is indeed what it does, for most people. Some people, anyway. Like the Democratic party members who approved it.

Unfortunately, I think they might have missed the target--excuse the pun. I'm certain I'm not the only one who was instantly reminded of all kinds of things that have little or nothing to do with Democrats:

Target logo
The U.S. Target stores...

Actual targets...

Air Force Roundels...

Alchemy symbol for sun
Alchemy symbols...

European traffic signs...


And, most unfortunately, this.

None of which would actually inspire me to vote Democrat if I wasn't going to do it already. I mean, seriously--it's a blue circle with a 'D' in it. There's simplicity, and then there's, well, blue circles with 'D's in them. That's not a logo, that's something you doodle on a notepad while you're on the phone.

Of course, the new slogan is even worse: Change that Matters. As if there could be any other kind of change. As if anything here has really changed at all.

Not that I'm feeling cynical at the moment or anything, but it seems to me that the new Democratic party symbol is a little too much like the party itself right now. Not terribly impressive, and ultimately meaningless.
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