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The sad incompatibility between wanting fame and fortune and being shy about the self-promotion part

I'll admit it--I should have done this at least a month ago, but I always feel weird about metaphorically yelling LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME! and waving my arms like mad from the back of the room. However, it is true that some of you might like to know about this, so:


The first one is the story, "A Fairy in his Bed" which I co-wrote with squeakyoflight (Corinna Silver), who is an all-around fantastic person. Writing this with her was a lot of fun. You can find it in the Myths and Magic: Legends of Love anthology from (Isn't that a beautiful cover?). You can read excerpts of the story here and here at Dreamspinner's very own blog.

To quote from the blog post, "A Fairy in his Bed" is about Quinn, a fairy as whimsical as he is beautiful, and Daniel Tibbits, the cynical, heartbroken writer who accidentally inherits him.

Inherits? Oh, yes…

I also want to let you know that Dreamspinner is having a big sale at their website--20% everything until the end of the weekend! Great time to buy an anthology of fantasy M/M romance, don't you think? Unless of course you'd rather win a hardcover or eBook instead...

More on that in a minute! But first I want to tell you about my second new published story(!). This one came out in November, so I feel less bad about waiting until now to mention it, because at least it's the same month. "The Pickup", which a few of you might remember from when it was very briefly part of a monthly brigits_flame contest, isn't whimsical or beautiful. It's typically Canadian sci-fi, in that nothing much happens and it ends badly anyway. I posted about it getting published (as well as "A Fairy in his Bed") back here several months ago. It's available in the Tesseracts 14 Anthology, available from Edge and Tesseracts Books.

Now the contest!

Last time I had a free book contest I chose the winner from the first person who commented with their name and address. This time I'm going to be a little more creative. The theme for Tesseracts 14 is "Strange Canadian Stories". In honor of that, one trade paperback copy of the Tesseracts 14 anthology will go to the person who, in my most humble opinion, comments with the niftiest anecdote about a real-life strange thing that's happened to them. The runner up will receive a trade paperback copy of the Myths and Magic anthology. (This isn't because I think the Tesseracts 14 book is better than Myths and Magic, but because I only have one Tesseracts 14 book to give away.)

The next two runners up will each get an eBook copy of the Myths and Magic anthology (unfortunately, Tessaracts 14 is only available in trade paperback format).

Awright! Anyone got a strange story to tell me? :D
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