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But Wait! There's More!

Don't miss your chance to win a book with one of my stories in it! You have until Friday, Dec. 17. Just leave me a comment telling me a strange story!

While I'm here shilling my anthology stories, I also wanted to mention that both anthologies have already been given favourable reviews. I was really happy to see that the review of the Myths and Magic anthology mentioned the story I wrote with Corinna Silver (squeakyoflight). I won't lie--I would've enjoyed a brief summary as some of the other stories in the anthology got, but considering how many stories there are in Myths and Magic, the reviewer specifically adding, "I could go on about more stories like the one about the fairy..." (which Corinna and I wrote) was pretty darn cool. The complete review for the anthology is here.

I also want to tell you about two really excellent promotions going on at Dreamspinner Press right now. Not only can you get 20% off all purchases between now and the end of the year by using the code HolidayDreams at checkout, but they also have a wonderful contest going on:

This year let Dreamspinner make your eBook dreams come true. Each day from Dec. 26- Dec. 31, we will draw one name from the customers that purchased during the month of December to win every eBook on their wish list.

You'll need to register to make a wish list, but it's easy to register and making a wish list is fun. :D

The review for Tesseracts 14 didn't say more than, 'recommended', but for a first review anywhere that's pretty darn cool too, I'd say. :) My story in this anthology is "The Pickup". The review, which includes a nice plot summary for each of the stories in the anthology, can be found here.

Come over and enter the contest! Time's running out!
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