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Finally, finally, finally, giving credit where credit is due.

I am ashamed to think of how many months ago I promised the incredibly talented (and nice!) danceswithgary I would do this, but better late than never.

Back in September of last year (blush!), danceswithgary read my 2009 mcshep_match story The Ones You Leave Behind. She was taken enough with it that she did me the honour of making a cover for it (click for full-sized version):

click for fullsize

It's beautiful and the amount of work she put into it is humbling and more than a little awe-inspiring. I still need to add it to the posts of the story (which I promise I will, DWG! I've been thinking about it for months), but I'm very happy to finally post it here, where my SGA-fanish FList can see it.

Thank you again, DWG. I really love the picture and I'm still incredibly flattered and chuffed that you would have done that for me. You rock like a rocking thing. :D
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