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Hey, it's your birthday! And twenty other people's!

As some of you may remember, birthday parties around here are kind of a big deal. And with birthday season hitting twice a year (didn't anyone pop a kid between February and May? Seriously?), Javier's already been invited to two parties and it's not even the end of January, and he's got two more this Saturday.

Now, College Station is a pretty small city. Bryan, the city right next door (there's a rather hilarious statue of a--white, naturally--boy and girl smiling joyously and holding hands at the 'border' between both cities, each looking boldly towards the future and their respective towns. I'm not kidding) is even smaller, so as you might imagine there aren't that many places where an ambitious parent can throw the kind of birthday party to which her child and all his or her classmates have become accustomed. This more than occasionally results in two children in Javier's class having conflicting parties at different places on the same day (we always go to the party with the parents who sent the invitation first), or two different parties on the same day at the same venue. This has happened twice since the summer. Most recently the parties even overlapped, though the parents were clever enough to just combine them. Phew!

The lesson here, parents and prospective parents, is to send out your birthday invitations as early as humanly possible. So far the record is two months in advance. You can't be too careful.

Both invitations were professionally printed, by the way. Just sayin'.
Tags: oops, parenting, this is my real life
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