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But I fell in love with a Civil Engineer, which is almost as bad.

More awesomeness via The Mary Sue. In this case a piece of music that's either modern folk or filk, depending on how you hear it (I think it's filk; how about you guys?), and a brilliant, funny and thought-provoking vid to go with it. I've watched the video a bunch of times now and I've embedded it here partially just so I can find it again, because I love it so much. :) And I bought the song as well.

I also got a kick out of seeing how many shows or movies I could recognize. Not all that many, but I do wish they'd had more than the one clip from the Stargate 'verse. What about Teyla Emmagan or Sam Carter? (But hey, Lexx!)

So, yes. Highly recommended. Hope you enjoy.

(Song by The Imagined Village; Vid by Charmax76. There is a list of all the clip sources in the vid info on YouTube.)
Tags: check it, sci-fi, stuff i like, yes i watch movies too, yes i watch television
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