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BINGO! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

Because I first read about this on ariadnes_string's LJ and then saw that alyse and all the other cool kids were doing it, I've decided to sign up for hc_bingo.

This might seem like an exercise in futile insanity (I'd say 'whimsical insanity' but I don't do whimsy), but it's not, I swear! I have a plan.

The first part of the plan is to take merciless advantage of the fact that you don't have to fill in the entire card to succeed at this thing and that you can also take an entire year to do it. The second part of the plan is to use the prompts as inspiration for original fic*, because one can never have too much inspiration and if I do this right I might just end up with a collection of stories I can either try to get into professional anthologies or self-publish on

I'm stoked about this, I have to say. Pretty much everything I write turns into H/C eventually, and I'm already having a great time thinking of how I can use some of these prompts to help expand vignettes I've written into full novellas or novels. Heck, nearly the whole card seems tailor-made for the Pape and Danforth thing I've been poking at. Well, maybe not the "Archaic Medicine"... (ETA: Naturally the first one I filled was "Archaic Medicine".)

Anyway, here's my card under the cut. Pretty cool, huh? Except the "Poltergeist" prompt, because ghosts kind of freak me out.

Cages Ostracized from Society Forced to Participate in Illegal/Hurtful Activity Poltergeist Hospital Stay
sensory deprivation panic attacks phobias counseling job-related trauma
parting ways group support WILD CARD minor illness secret identity discovered
Archaic Medicine Coma Exhaustion Stranded/Survival Scenario Bruises
hypothermia loss of limb / limb function mindswap poisoning broken bones

*Except for the SGA fanfic I'm going to write for raphe1 because of her winning and extremely awesome bid at help_japan.
Tags: bingo was its name-o, check it, gills, grevous bodily harm, pape and danforth, pathetic attempts at creativity, sci-fi, skin, stuff i like, the occasional meme, this makes me happy, writing
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