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Send up a signal; I'll throw you the line

Today I am feeling discouraged in the writing and lonely in the heart, so after going over my FList to do some connecting out in the ether (always good to do if you're lonely), I thought I'd invite some of you guys over here to chat. Or at least the somewhat vaguer LJ equivalent.

So, would you like a sympathetic eye? Someone to bounce ideas off of? Something you'd like to rave or rant about? Mi comments son sus comments. Or you are welcome to email me at simple.carbohydrates AT gmail DOT comm.

Please don't feel obliged, though. I know almost everyone is at work and busy anyway. But you know, if you'd like to drop a comment, I'll be here. :)
Tags: this is my real life, working on it, yet more proof i'm out of my mind
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