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So, that kind of sucks

I submitted a story I wrote to an on-line sci-fi magazine. Doesn't matter which story, doesn't matter where it went. But after over a month of optimism I just got back a typically blunt, 'thanks, but no thanks' e-mail.

I am bummed.

Unfortunately, I'm not the kind of person who is able to take setbacks, even what are probably insignificant ones, in stride. Right now I can't help wondering if all three of the editors who read the story didn't like it, or if it was just two of them. I'm wondering if the story made them roll their eyes, or laugh at how childish it was, or at the author's pretensions. I'm wondering if anyone outside of fandom or my family or a few of the members of the brigits_flame community I belong to is ever going to think that I write well enough for them to want to buy my stuff.

I used to have things published, and I used to be less hurt when the stories were rejected, because I knew that a different magazine would probably like it, or at least like something else. But I haven't written anything short outside of fanfiction in a very long time let alone sent anything out, so I don't have anything else to fall back on. I suppose I should send this to another magazine, but at the moment it's hard to feel like there's any point.

I need to write stuff today, and I was excited about it. Now I don't feel like I should even bother. I'll write something anyway, but the joy is gone.

bet you're all thrilled I'm on your friends' lists now, eh?
Tags: this is my real life, whining, writing
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