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Icon Meme!

The marvelous mific chose five of my icons for me to talk about. If you'd like to play, go ahead and leave a request in the comments. :D

Here we go:

Fallen Angel Icon

This gorgeous picture was made by nightingaledies and is a detail from a larger digital painting. The fact that the broken angel is Sheppard from Stargate: Atlantis made the icon that much sadder and especially appealing. Incidentally, I started using the icon for this post, which actually has nothing to do with angels.

Shades of Grey Icon

I made this one in Photoshop Elements 7. I used a screencap of Sheppard from the Doppelganger episode where he believes McKay's died, because I love the eloquence of his devastated expression. I didn't end up with anything I liked enough to use for wallpaper, but I think it makes a pretty cool icon.

Pills Icon

Made by ileliberte. I love using this one for discussions about medical things and/or illegal substances. :)

Name that Poultry Icon

Another icon I made. I really love this one, especially for how it makes no sense without the context. It's actually a quote from a season two episode of Deadliest Warrior, which pitted an American SWAT team against their German counterparts GSG9. During the episode we found out that part of the GSG9 training includes toughening up the greenie by making them kill a chicken. But you don't just kill the chicken. First, you have to name that chicken. And spend some time with it.

I know you had to be there, but trust me; in context it was absolutely hilarious.

Being Vague Icon

Made by moira_faeii (though either I'm spelling her name incorrectly or she's not on LJ anymore), using a design from a t-shirt company whose name I can't remember. It still makes me smile every time I read it, because it's almost as fun as doing this other thing.
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