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This way to the pink ghetto!

Thank you, Lego, for really, really missing the point.

Lego Introduces Ladyfigs, Yes, That's Minifigs For Girls | The Mary Sue

The thing is, and oddly what no one seems to get, is that if you actually marketed the regular Lego toys to girls as well as boys, girls would--drumroll, please--play with it too! But when they're inundated with advertisements on the Cartoon Network that only ever have boys playing with regular Lego, why should they feel it's also for them? I remember how weird I felt as a child, wanting something like a Star Wars toy and having the intrinsic knowledge that I wasn't 'allowed' to have it, because it wasn't marketed to me.

Seriously, though, if this trend of gender segregation continues, I figure this is what the future will look like:

Mother: Doctor! Doctor! Please help me! It's my son...he...::chokes:: He likes the color pink!

Doctor: Oh, this is bad. This is very, very bad.

Mother: What do I do? I've tried to tell him boys can only wear navy blue, black and dark green, but he won't listen! He stole his father's salmon dress shirt and wore it to school! It looked like a dress! ::sobs::

Doctor: Get a hold of yourself, woman! Do you think you're the only person with these kind of problems? I have a woman back there whose daughter only wants to wear pants! Without rhinestones or piping! How do you think she feels?

Mother: ::sobs::

Doctor: Nurse! I have another patient here, presenting the same symptoms as the last one! Bring me a lobotomy kit and DVDs for the Disney Channel! Stat! And this time make sure they're the right colors, you dunderhead! The pink lobotomy kit is for the girl!
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