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I would like those forty minutes back, please.

Or maybe it was twenty, but you get the point.

Here's the thing, I'll admit it. I tend to like Aliens Make Them Do It fics. There is--generally--much guilty pleasure to be had in a well-written fic where, due to outside circumstances, the canon characters you want to get it on do so. But, I will also admit that I only like them when the underlying factor of the story is that the canon characters actually want to get it on, but might not have done so ordinarily due to personal or other constraints. In other words, everyone gets what they want, even if they need to be basically shoved bodily into position to get there. The characters and the story end up happy.

I know that's not realistic. But I don't exactly watch television for realism, and I'm quite happy not to have punctiliously realistic fanfiction, either.

So given the above, reading a fanfic that according to its squee-full and vague author's notes isn't much more than another fun AMTDI fic only to find out that no, it's actually a very long meditation on variations of psychological and physical rape...Yeah. I would have avoided that quite handedly had I known, thank you very much.

Just as fun was that the story ended in just about the worst place I could imagine the characters given the situation. Logically I suppose, but with no way of fixing their relationship even to the point of returning to the general friendship of canon. Which means that the author has ruined one of the few things I watch the actual television show for in the first place. Yes, I know I can ignore the story, just as I do my best to ignore canon that doesn't appeal to me. But I dwell on these things. I do.

I will admit it was interesting how the theme was layered in different ways in the fic, except that by the ending it had become as subtle as falling bricks and no one in the story got it. I also don't like stories where the characters are more clueless than the audience, though I suppose I can grant that living through something might make you less able to see the larger picture than being able to read about those events from a distance. The forest for the trees and all that. No aspect of this theme was ever actually dealt with, either. And again, I know that not all stories have or should have plots or conflicts or themes that can be resolved, but that's really not what I read fanfiction for. I read fanfiction to laugh, and smile, and to occasionally be turned on, and to have my heart in my throat and even sometimes to cry, but I read fanfiction because a good story will always leave me satisfied. Hell, a bad story can be quite satisfying, if the ideas behind it are good.

This story was completely unsatisfying. I'm sorry I read it.

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