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I don't understand RPF written about actors.

Now, please don't get me wrong--this is emphatically not a diatribe against people who write RPF. I don't much care for RPF personally, but that's my bag and I'm not about to stop on anyone's joy. I can also buy the idea that RPF is written about the personas the celebrities present, rather than their true, inner selves, which makes RPF no different from fanfiction in general.

But, I still don't understand why you might want to write a story about, say, Ben Browder and Claudia Black instead of John Crichton and Aeryn Sun. Let me try to put my question into words:

I can definitely understand the desire to write fanfiction about the characters of a TV show. I'm a fanficcer myself. I can also understand the urge to find out as much about the actors (and/or producers, writers, etc.) as possible, in order to get closer to the universe these people have helped create. I personally believe that's why actors are so popular: not specifically for what they do, but because they help create universes that we may briefly share that are more alluring and appealing than our own. So yes, I can totally get into how knowing if David Hewlett's birthday is actually the same as Rodney McKay's would be satisfying. Way back in a different fandom I once asked one of the actors if he liked the same foodstuffs his character was meant to. The fact that the actor didn't particularly was completely irrelevant to his character, but it felt important for me to know at the time.

But the actors and their characters are different people. Hell, the characters aren't people at all. Which ultimately means that while it's a kick to know that John Barrowman is actually gay or that Paul Gross has no problem with slash fiction, it doesn't change anything about their characters or the universes those characters move in.

None of this is news to anyone reading my post, of course, but it's in this distinction where my question begins. Where does the attraction come from, to write about the actors rather than the characters? What makes a fanficcer switch her interest from the possibility of Captain Archer falling madly in love with Commander Trip Tucker, to the possibility of Scott Bakula secretly pining for Connor Trinneer? Especially because unlike canon, which can be altered or ignored at a writer's pleasure, the actors have lives, values and interests that are almost guaranteed to be little or nothing like the scenarios the writers put them in. (And this would seem especially so with RPF AUs.)

So, why do so many fanficcers do it? Hit me with the clue bus, I'm right here.
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