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In your dreams, flyboy

Yes, this is a totally self-indulgent rant about a television show I like. But I figure if you can't rant self-indulgently on LJ, where can you do it? I ask you.

So, this has spoilers for tonight's episode ("Remnants"),

I'm a little annoyed that I didn't figure out immediately that the same hallucinogenic radiation was causing Sheppard's self-whumpage, Woolsey's Aussie pseudo-love interest and Zelenka acting so hinky that he actually gave McKay a compliment without either of them in danger of imminent death. However, I did at least figure it out about the time that Sheppard started making all those bad-ass, Crusoe MacGyver-esque ambush traps with only one hand.

Initially I was thinking that it might be real, and the alien device o'the week our heroes had found in the oceans of Atlantis would have a magic hand-regrowing device. But when nothing like that ever came up I started thinking that there was no way the writers or producers of the series (and apparent upcoming movies) would let the big hero guy be walking around just a Northpaw. And then Sheppard started doing his one-handed Rambo jungle-warfare thing, and I knew that he had to be making all that shit up in his head. Because not even John Sheppard is that good. Seriously. And the fact that he was only this bad-ass in his own dream sequence made me laaaugh....

(Speaking of laughing, not only does Dr. Parrish--from that famed "Runner" episode that launched a thousand Lorne/Parrish fics--have a cameo, but Sheppard, while enduring Parrish's plant!fanboy squeeing, mutters, "Lorne warned me about this." I swear, they may be canceling the show five years early, the bastards, but their fanservice still warms my wanky little heart.)

Unfortunately, but not particularly unexpected of this show anymore (which is even more unfortunate), the alien o'the week's motive for aiding and abetting Sheppard through his own personal hell-gantlet made absolutely no sense whatsoever. The aliens had to...distract him? From...finding out about them? Or something? But if they could already read his mind, couldn't they tell that Sheppard of all people would be right at the front of the line cajoling Woosley into letting the nice, gentle, we-only-torture-in-our-hallucinations aliens go and propagate their wee silicon proto-lifeforms?

I was disappointed by that part for sure, because up until the fake Kolya reveals himself as output from the Alien hallucin-o-matic, I was certain that Sheppard had accidentally snorted too much of the pollen from the flowers Parrish was waxing orgasmic over. I had visions of the Colonel actually writhing on the ground somewhere half-way to the jumper, high as a kite and living through scenarios of Godfather-worthy vengeance.

But it was not to be, alas. It was all just a distraction. Or something.

However, because the Universe loves me, apparently, The very next episode of Crusoe has one of the heroes infected by alien sex pollen a very dangerous plant that makes him go nuts. Whee! I believe there might even be hallucinations involved.

Crusoe is the funnest show evah. Yup it is. Stargate: Atlantis is just kind of stupid now. ::iz sad::
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