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Hi! I'm back! And I even have an interesting article! That's not too long!

Naturally it also highlights one of the many, many ways that Canada rocks, though to be fair the article title should have been: "Five Places Where You're Not Required By Your Job To Work Yourself to Death", rather than, "5 Countries Where You Don't Have to Work Yourself to Death to Make Ends Meet". As a Canuck living in the US, I know for a fact that there are many places in Canada where it can be very, very hard to make ends meet without two salaries (though if you have two you can still live well, if not extravagantly). What sucks here isn't necessarily the money-earning part (where I live now we can actually live more extravagantly on one salary than my sister can with two; but she's in a big city and I'm in a small one), but how bad the money can be if you don't have a highly specialized job. The lack of a federally-mandated minimum wage is terrible, but the lack of mandated maternity leaves and vacation is even worse. In Canada you get a full year off with 60 percent of your salary, and the time can be divided between each parent as they like. And I think that the government was thinking about making it two years, if only to save themselves the financial hassle of having to create federally-funded daycare.

But I will say that at least here in Texas (and maybe that's just here, here in Texas), we have better after-school care available than what my sister does in Toronto. We have "Kid's Klub", which has an awful name but is safe, fun and remarkably inexpensive, and is an after-school care that happens right in each school in this board.

Anyway, the article is here, if you're still interested. :)

5 Countries Where You Don't Have to Work Yourself to Death to Make Ends Meet | Alternet
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