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Much as I would never actually hurt a kitten, the icon is somewhat thematically appropriate.

I've got another published story coming out! And it has a cat in it!

It's Gordon's Cat in the anthology Don't Try This At Home from Dreamspinner Press. I'm writing as Aundrea Singer.

Gordon's Cat is my third story published by Dreamspinner. The others are Skunk, Bryan, Spoon (and a Badger) in Necking, and A Fairy in his Bed (which I wrote with my sister squeakyoflight) in Myths and Magic: Legends of Love.

Don't Try This At Home is a collection of lighthearted stories about all the little things that can go wrong in relationships, especially the sex part of relationships. My story was inspired by the 'angry cat' in the anthology description, and the cat in the story is very loosely based on my mom's first cat, Pusscat.

Pusscat was a big, ornery black-and-white tom who adopted my mom one night by climbing through her New York apartment window. He was one of those stubborn, opinionated and truly awesome cats that only come along a few times in an owner's lifetime. My mom wrote a song about him:

Meow, meow, meow, Pusscat!
Meow, meow, meow, Pusscat!
Meow, meow, meow, Pusscat!
Meow, meow, meow!

Well, it wasn't a good song, but it was fun to sing when I was three. I also enjoyed chasing Pusscat down the hallway, which wasn't very nice. But he almost clawed one of my eyes out in retaliation, so I'd say we're even.

As you can probably guess, when my mom brought my dad home the first time, Pusscat wasn't happy about it. Pusscat would delight in jumping on my dad's back, claws first, when he and my mom were...talking, and Pusscat would only sharpen his nails on my dad's very expensive leather furniture. In revenge, my dad would sneak up on Pusscat while he was mid-scratch, and whack him in the butt with a rolled-up newspaper. Apparently all the adrenaline cured Pusscat of his kidney stones.

Pusscat went to his greater reward while I was still a child, but he's forever immortalized in silly songs and embarrassing anecdotes, so it was a natural for me to base Chelsea, Gordon's cat, on him.

I'll post my usual free-ebook contest next week when the book is released on October 8. In the meantime, here's an excerpt of the upcoming story:

"Your cat hates me," Mitch said. He yanked up his underwear, ignoring Gordon's sad whimper as Mitch quickly sealed his crotch behind the protection of his jeans. "Look at him!" He pointed at the cat, which was still growling despite how Gordon was still petting it. Its tail thrashed like a decapitated snake.

Gordon frowned at his cat, then at Mitch. "She's a female. And she's just a little jealous, that's all. She'll calm down in a minute."

"Before or after she rips my dick off?" Mitch asked him, still eying the cat.

"All right, fine," Gordon said. He picked up the cat and cradled her against his wide chest, holding her gently with his large hands. He grimaced his way to his feet then shook out each of his legs, still holding the cat. "We can go to my bedroom and close the door. That way you won't be scared by the itty-bitty puddy-tat, okay?"

"I'm not scared of the cat," Mitch grumbled, keeping a wide distance between himself and the angry cat in Gordon's arms. "Where's your bedroom?"

"The door on your right," Gordon said. He shot Mitch a quick leer. "Why don't you go and make yourself comfortable while I feed Chelsea. I'll join you in a minute. Isn't that right, sweetheart?" he crooned to the cat. "Let's fill your little tum-tum with yummies while Mitchell hides in the bedroom."

"I'm not hiding!" Mitch yelled through the closed door.
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