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Catching a wave means you have a soul, apparently. I think I need help with this.

Does The Soul Exist? Evidence Says ‘Yes’ -- Psychology Today

Does The Soul Exist? Evidence Says ‘Yes’

Actually, despite the author Dr. Robert Lanza's eloquent enthusiasm, all I really got from this article is that because particles move like a wave when they're not observed but move like particles when they are, somehow means that we have a soul because reality is only an extension of our own perception.

I say 'somehow' because I don't get it. Why would the one thing (our perception = universe) mean the other (our perception = universe = soul)? I readily admit that I often miss the key points in articles like this (and stories; and movies; my brain just doesn't seem to work as required), but this one just flew past me like a ghost on the way to the afterlife. ::rimshot::

So, anyone else want to take a stab at it an explain it to me? I also realize that the article is almost a year old now, which isn't too bad in terms of scientific papers (which I also know it's not), but might still make it figuratively old news as well as literally. But, it's still interesting. At least as far as I can understand it, which sadly isn't very.

Don't get me wrong--I would love for there to be scientific evidence of a soul. But I don't think this offers any, alas.
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