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The Next Big Thing Blog Hop. What's that? I'm so glad you asked!

Hey, everybody! And Happy Thanksgiving to my FListies about to celebrate it.

Next week I'm going to take part in a Blog Hop, which is basically a nifty way for people to follow links from blog to blog (or journal to journal) and find out about new writers. I was asked to take part by the lovely and talented sgamadison, who starts this part of the hop here on her handsomely-decorated (pun somewhat intended) and nicely readable website. She's responding to a series of questions, such as where the idea for her novel came from, what it's about and which actors she might chose to play the novel characters in a movie rendition. I'll be answering the same question near the end of the month.

sgamadison is also known as Sarah Madison, and, in my opinion, is an impressively prolific published author considering what I know of her day job. She has several publications with Dreamspinner Press, and you can see her author's page here.

(And mine is here.)

Now, in order to continue the blog-hop properly, I'm looking for five people who are working on a writing project (or who have just completed a writing project the way I have), who would like to answer some questions on their own LJ or other blog (or both! Why not?) and then pass it on (you don't need to have exactly five people, by the way. Even one other person would be great). Interested? Please leave a comment. :)

I'll have some big news to go with my jump of the hop, so I hope you'll come back to read it. :D
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