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And the NEXT Next Big Thing is...

Hello, and happy Wednesday (or 'hump day' as some of you like to call it).

Last week I posted my own Next Big Thing blog, and now I'm passing it along to my next blog hoppers.

wpadmirer is talking about her mystery novel Florida is Burning here. I've been lucky enough to be able to read some of it. I'm really enjoying the characters and how tangible Florida is in the story. And yes, the burning of the title is quite real.

laylalawlor has a comic novel called Freebird, which is here. It's about Alaska now and in the 1970s, which sounds as ambitious as it is unique and fascinating.

dungeonwriter is going to talk about a spec script she's working on. I'll have the link to that as soon as possible. It's here. :)

Enjoy the links. And thank you very much for reading!
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