No Whimsy, Sugar (taste_is_sweet) wrote,
No Whimsy, Sugar

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So, I guess I need a Twitter account.

Yes, oh best beloveds, I am now on Twitter. You can find me there either via Aundrea Singer or Taste_is_Sweet. I haven't tweeted anything yet in terror of it disappearing into the ether with a deafening and humiliating silence. Because I'm assuming that, like LJ, if you follow someone you can read their tweets, but no one will read your tweets unless they follow you, right?

I feel like the new kid in the high school cafeteria, here. Does anyone want to be my twitter friend? I promise I don't pick my nose in public and I bathe regularly.
Tags: aundrea singer, fear and loathing, pathetic attempts at creativity, please explain, this is my real life, whoa, working on it
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