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Black Hawk Tattoo is a Bestseller! Would Anyone Like to win a FREE Paperback (or eBook) Copy?

Black Hawk Tattoo is currently ranked at #9 and #11 out of the top 100 in its genres of kindle books. (It hit #4 and #5 last week, which is amazing, but unfortunately I was too sick at the time to post about it.)

Edit the Second: Okay, it's not ranked that high anymore, but it was! And it's still in the top 20 50, at least for the moment. :) So I'm happy. :)

It's also gotten some excellent reviews on Goodreads, and is ranted #91 out of the top 177 'Best Gay Soldiers' books and #58 out of the top 105 'Best Gay Romance Books with Tattooed Characters' (I can't help but smile at how specific that category is).

Obviously, I have a few reasons to celebrate! And by awesome serendipity, I also received my paperback copies of the novel this week. And that means it's contest time!

I thought that since Black Hawk Tattoo can be grim at times, it would be cool to have a contest that's the complete opposite of grim. So how about telling a joke?

Just comment anonymously with a favorite joke. You can comment as many times as you like, but please just leave one joke per comment. At the end of the week (Saturday or Sunday, depending on how much interest there is), I'll have some Trusted Family Members(TM) read the jokes with me and choose the winners!

The two first place winners will each receive one paperback copy of Black Hawk Tattoo. The four runner-ups will each receive one eBook copy of BHT in whatever format they prefer (including Kindle).

ETA: I'll unscreen and link to the winning comments, then have the winners email or PM me with their names and addresses.

Sound good? I hope so! :) Comment with the funnies, guys!
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