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And Now (Finally), The Winners!

Hey, Flisties. Here are the winners of the contest I ran last week to win a paperback or eBook copy of Black Hawk Tattoo. I would have had the results sooner, but certain Trusted Family Members(TM) were a little slower in getting back to me with their choices than I'd anticipated. I apologize for the wait.

If you're a winner, please either PM me via Live Journal, or email me at simple.carbohydrates AT gmail DOT com (replacing the capitalized words with the correct symbols). I'll need a mailing address for the paperback winners, and what format the eBook winners would prefer. Dreamspinner Press seems to have all digital formats available, including Kindle.

(Please scroll to the bottom of the page to see the comment.)

The First Paperback Goes To: Army versus Airforce. This one made me howl. It's awesome.

The Second Paperback Goes To: The Little Girl's Birthday Request. Another great one, with bonus cuteness.

(If either of the paperback winners would prefer an eBook copy, please just let me know.)

The eBooks Go To:

1) Deer Hunting with the Scientists. My dear husband--who is actually a statistician--didn't get the joke, which made it that much more funny to me. :)

2) The Fine and Upstanding Members of the RCMP. I chose this one partially because of how very, very Canadian it is. Nostalgia for the win!

3) How a Man is Like a Snowstorm. Simple, yet effective.

4) Cats and Dogs Have Different Views of the World. This one made me smile, but my husband loved it.

Thank you very, very much to everyone who participated! I really hope you enjoy the book. :)

And here's where I timidly ask if you'd be so kind as to please (please, please) leave a review on if you like it. That would be enormously appreciated.
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