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Second Call for Contest Winners!

Damn it--this is the second time LJ has eaten all the content I put in the post except for the link! >: How about I give missing information:

Last week I announced the winners of my Joke contest, but some of you lovely FListies haven't contacted me yet. So please click on the link and let me know if you won. :D

The other thing I posted that LJ erased (sigh) is that as of today Black Hawk Tattoo has been out for an entire month, and it's still in the Kindle top 100 for its genre, which is just awesome. :D It's number 9 on the bestseller list, too.

The novel has also received some excellent reviews from Goodreads (and some not-so excellent reviews, but such is life).

So, I'm a happy camper! But I'd be an even happier camper if I could give all the contest winners their prizes. :D So please let me know if one of the winners is you!
Tags: adventures in publishing, aundrea singer, check it, many thanks, reviews, this makes me happy
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