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Recently, because it is a lovely, lovely movie, we bought Wall-E for our wee one. He has taken to it with as much adhesion as I thought he would, and hasn't wanted to watch (or do, really) anything else for days and days.

Not so recently, but ongoing, is that one of the most popular books the teacher reads to my son's daycare class is called We're Going on a Bear Hunt, which involves lots of tippy-toeing and going through and over and around obstacles before finding the bear and then doing everything in reverse at great speed. I haven't read it myself, but apparently this is preschool Shakespeare, here. Best book ever.

It has also, perhaps not surprisingly, fostered a nearly obsessive fascination with bears on my son's part. Not that he actually knows what a bear is, mind you, other than large and furry and something to tippy-toe up to and run away from at great speed. Many a game has been created on that deathless premise, and the single book we have in our house about a bear (Where's my Teddy? which continually surprises me with how much he likes it) has become a new favourite.

So, what do books about bears have to do with a newly-released to DVD Disney movie?

Well, the song that plays behind the opening credits starts, "Out there!" And every time my son hears it, he sings, gleefully, "a bear!" I'm sure he still thinks that's what the lyric is, despite my husband (sadly) having told him the truth.

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